This is a 45 year old white woman who presented to the office with a longstanding history of varicose veins and leg pain. She had radiofrequency ablation of her left greater saphenous vein with complete resolution of the pain in her legs.

This is a 70 year old gentleman who presented to the office with complaints of heaviness, fatigue and leg cramps. He underwent an endovenous laser ablation of his right greater saphenous vein and his pain went away. He did not wish to proceed with any additional procedures though he would have been an excellent candidate for a phlebectomy.

This is a 29 year old woman who presented with thrombophlebitis, pain, and cellulitis around her varicose veins while she was pregnant. She wore compression stockings during the remainder of her pregnancy and after she delivered her baby, she had radiofrequency ablation of her greater saphenous vein. She only had to have this one procedure to achieve this nice result.

This is a 70 year old gentleman who had endovenous ablation followed by an ambulatory phlebectomy. The endovenous ablation relieved his pain and the phlebectomy which was done in the office allowed for complete removal of the varicose veins.

This is a 64 year old housekeeper who had a hard time working on her feet all day long. She underwent radiofrequency ablation of her right greater saphenous vein with complete relief of her pain.

This is a 69 year old man who underwent endovenous laser ablation followed by an ambulatory phlebectomy. Both procedures were done in the office.

This is a 68 year old woman who presented with pre-ulcer skin changes. She underwent endovenous laser ablation and notice the improvement in the bulging of her veins. Unfortunately, the skin changes are permanent and the skin darkening does not usually go away once it develops.

This is a 34 year old man who presented with pain in his legs. He had endovenous radiofrequency ablation followed by an ambulatory phlebectomy. Note that the scar in his lower leg was from his dog and not from either procedures.

This is a 67 year old woman who had a perforator vein that led to these bulging veins. Her legs felt heavy and she complained of “dragging” them. She had endovenous radiofrequency ablation of her perforator vein with ambulatory phlebectomy with complete resolution of her symptoms.

Another patient followed up and I took her photos. She had bilateral veins. So these are before and afters of each leg.

This is the leg of a middle-aged woman with a history of vein stripping fifteen years ago with recurrent varicose veins.  She developed a leg ulcer that was extremely painful and required vicodin use.  The ulcer was present for nine months before she began treatment.  She underwent four sessions of sclerotherapy to remove her recurrent varicose veins and her ulcer healed after six months.

This is a middle aged woman who had sclerotherapy.  The “after” photo was six weeks after therapy.  Notice the mild darkening of the skin where the veins used to be.  This darkening resolves in six to twelve months.  The best time to have your sclerotherapy done is in the fall and winter months so that the skin changes after sclerotherapy have enough time to resolve before you expose your legs.

This is a middle-aged man who presented with pain and swelling in his legs after a long day’s work. He underwent endovenous ablation with complete resolution of his symptoms. In fact, he was so pleased with his results, he even started to show off his legs. Notice his tan.

This is a middle-aged white woman who had a history of recurrent ulcers for many years.  Her skin has darkened so much that from the photograph you cannot accurately identify her ethnicity.  She underwent an endovenous laser procedure and the ulcer that had been present for one year healed in one week after her procedure.  This rapid healing after the procedure is atypical, it usually takes longer.

This elderly woman underwent endovenous laser therapy.  The ulcer that was present for fifteen months healed in six weeks after her laser procedure.

This is an elderly woman whose ulcers healed after sclerotherapy.  She had her veins stripped many years ago and therefore was only a candidate for sclerotherapy.  After her sclerotherapy treatments were initiated her ulcer healed in three weeks.